Rev. Clarence H. "Preacher" Cobbs
Founder and Pastor
First Church of Deliverance
1st President Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ, Inc.

  June 28, 1979

Resided In:   Chicago, Illinois
Transition:   Chicago, Illinois
Service Time:   Tuesday
July 3, 1979
11:00 a.m.
First Church of Deliverance
4315 S. Wabash Ave.
Chicago, Illinois
Cemetery:   Burr Oak Cemetery
Chicago, Illinois


Rev. Clarence H. Cobbs was the founder and pastor of the First Church of Deliverance, Chicago, IL. It was founded May 8, 1929.

This young man planted the seed of spiritual doctrine and has since tended and nurtured it to the point where it is now a symbol of beauty.

The church, in August 1929 became affiliated with the Metropolitan Spiritual Church of Christ in Kansas City, Missouri, pastored by Rev. William F. Taylor. In 1942, Bishop William F. Taylor appointed Rev. Clarence H. Cobbs ("Preacher") as the national president of the Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ, Incorporated for life term.

With only a small number of member churches. "Preacher" with his determination and zeal, worked untiring to make the MSCC, Inc., an outstanding spiritual organization. Preacher has said many times "you can make it," "God can take a little and make a lot." He taught "The cattle on a thousand hills belong to God" Preacher, made his transitory change on June 28, 1979, in Chicago, Illinois.







    Officers, delegates, members and friends of the Forty-fifth Annual Congress of the Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ, Inc., I deem it an honor to be your host at this 45th Annual Congress and to bring you greetings from the Great City of Chicago. Each time we visit a city we come to glorify God and assemble for strength and zeal; to go back to our various churches and give the messages that will encourage the laity to become followers of Jesus Christ.

    If you will note, this year I invited no public officials and I have attempted to use the majority of our people in this Congress. I feel, at this time, that we should exert our efforts and display the ability of those who are affiliated with this organization.

    Allow me to thank God for the new faces. I am sincerely hoping that they will alleviate all of the little errors and find our way as a united body. I am hoping that each of you will carry back this message of "togetherness", for we are all one body in Christ. Let us stop being concerned about denominational names and blend our efforts toward the development of the church and all phases of its gifts.


    The various organizations organized for the benefit of the convention should not be run in the spirit of authority. But, each organization should have democratic procedures of administration. The "Little" member, the "Little" preacher or the "Little" friend is as big as the "Biggest" member, the "Biggest" preacher or the "Biggest" friend. We drive people from our movement by not including all and giving all people participation in the development of our endeavors. The time of "little" suppers, "little" circles and "little" meetings should cease and our views should seek higher development, I do not mean to do away with the fundamentals of the church or the council or other organizations; but, I mean, if God is your partner, you should make larger plans. It is unfortunate that we are so afraid of not making money that we participate and associate with all people. We do all sort of practices to make money. We will our pulpits with things we don't believe ourselves just to make money. I implore you today to stand on the promises of God and He will supply your needs. Our Sainted Sister Mattye declared "there is a new army standing at the door". None of us acquired the good that we now possess without love and respect nor were we born with a silver spoon in our mouths.


    It has come to our attention that some of the members of Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ, Inc., are denying the principles of our organization, and practicing a n t i - C h r is t.

    We should take a circumspect view of the words "Medium" and Prophet", When we take out these words, we deny the principles of our church. Spirit is Real. Divine Communication is Real, and are different operations. 1 Corinthians, 12th Chapter alleviates all doubts on Spiritual gifts. We must not associate the word "Medium" with the practices by many and the various pretenders of today. We must understand that the word "Medium" as implied in our church, is a connecting link between two forces which may be used for good or evil. We must learn what it means to try the Spirit by the Spirit to see whether it is of God. People are perishing for the lack of this truth. You hear this truth on TV. Radio and all periodic mediums, but, if you try to put other things with it, you do not have the answer.

    Let me dwell one moment on uniforms and proper attire for church. Black and white robes are our standard robes; purple robes are only worn during Holy Week. Our Altar should be cleared, of all things that cannot be substantiated by the Bible.

    Some of us insist on having titles that were never intended for our church. We recognize that the Bible names various offices of the church, we cannot condone and will not be a party to Catholicism in name.

    I have for years stated that bi-laws of your church should be carefully scrutinized and reviewed by some lawyer who is interested in the welfare of the Spiritual Church. Many lawyers who are not affiliated with our organization can destroy the image that was originally planned for the church. We have a lawyer that gives service, many times without compensation. I deem it advisable for all pastors in making bi-laws to protect your church, you and those who are with you and consult the Counsel of this organization.

    I am hoping that we shall not dwell so much upon death and the death of our leaders and think of LIFE. If we would spend the time preparing some one to follow us, we of wouldn't be so confused as to who is going to lead us after death. Let's start a Spiritual campaign for new members and especially for the building of the church of tomorrow.


    We cannot close this message without remembering our Sister Zola Robinson, President of Women's Department and Alfred Bolton, National Organist. We bless their spirits today and for the part they played in this organization. It is my prayer and sincere desire that their mantles will fall on other co-workers to carry on in an accreditable manner.


    The government has 100% financing available for the building of private institutions and foundations. We should make ourselves available for such constructive programs. I feel, as a monument to Bishop Taylor, the property that Metropolitan has on the corner of 13th and Brooklyn, a building should be erected to the memory of Bishop William Frank Taylor and L. L. Boswell. We hope you will recommend to the Trustee Board of Metropolitan Spiritual Church, Kansas City, that the Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ, Inc., will make a follow-up and give assistance and any information that is necessary.


The Convalescent Home across the street is not just for First Church of Deliverance but for each member of Metropolitan. Metropolitan should lift their heads in pride; for the good that comes to First Deliverance also represent Metropolitan. We cannot rise as a local church without taking you with us.


OPERATION "REACH OUT".............

    I am very happy with the progress that is being made with our Young People. Much emphasis must be placed on the development of youth, for, if the Spirit of love, understanding and tolerance; and fellowship is taught in our churches, there would be no gangs or murders.

    The streets are filled with so-called Christians who take no interest in their youth and even the youth of our church. We loose too much time in singing and not enough in teaching the fundamentals of a fruitful life. It was my experience to meet some young people in the church who felt that they had the experience to run a church without the respect of leadership. A child can be consecrated and dedicated to church work but there must be and there should be a leader whom they can respect and yet that person must be one who does not withdraw himself from the youth. No church should be given over entirely to young people. I beseech you to organize, in each of your churches, a club or organization known as "REACH OUT" that will bring some young boy or girls into the church who might be going astray or over shadowed by the wrong crowd and let them know that all is not lost; that God in each of us makes him first somebody, because he is a part of God and somebody.

    If he is raggedy, let's reach out and dress him up. If he is filled with vulgarity, let's reach out, a hand of love. If he is backwards, let's reach out and bring him forward. If he is lonely, let's reach out and be a friend. If he is motherless, fatherless, sisterless or brotherless, let's reach out Metropolitan and be his relative. Metropolitan I charged you today to "Reach out and touch somebody's hand and make this world a better place, if you can".


    Last but not least. I have been most thrilled in the last week relative to an invitation we received to establish a church in Africa. This came back through the medium of a boy who was in our Junior Choir. This African boy carried our message of truth back home. Now the people in his country are interested in having a church in Africa. There is a dire need in this country and I hope that during this convention we will find some way to make a tangible contribution to this young man.


    We wish to thank Bishop Anderson, Reverend Paxton and Reverend Wells for the use of their churches. Their kindness and hospitality will be long remembered. To the committees and all of those who have worked unselfishly to make this the greatest Congress ever held anywhere, I say many thanks to you. May God continue to bless each of you as you shall go out from here to carry His light in message and song to every corner of the world.

"He giveth power to the faint; and to them that
have no might he increaseth strength.

Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and
the young men shall utterly fall:

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew
their strength; they shall run, and not be weary;
and they shall walk, and not faint. " Isaiah 40: 29-31


The following recommendations are submitted for your approval:
I recommend that .....
  a) Based on guidelines and standards established by other organization for their conventions, and looking back to the days of our infancy when it was expedient that we rush back to our various churches; it is the feeling that the members of this Congress, because of our growth, are now in a position to remain a full week. Therefore, I recommend that the National Congress commence its meetings on Monday and adjourn on the following Sunday night.

  a. 1) All Ordinations, after the convening of this Congress should be held on the closing night (Sunday).

  b) At the suggestion of Reverend Carolyn Maddox, and Mrs. Martha Lee, the Women's Department be departmentalized into districts, having four to six supervisors overseeing the technical aspects of these districts, and all operations of the Women's Department be aired during their morning meeting at 10:00, devoting full attention to district workshops in order to impart spiritual insight as to the workings of this convention in total. Convening of this meeting will be held in the main sanctuary of the host church, and on the evening of that day, the Women's Department will receive an Annual Message from the President of said Department. And, to keep you informed of the various meetings, projects, etc., the President or Secretary (or whomever you designate) will send out correspondence relative to same; and that all monies collected or contributed to this unit of the convention be turned over to the National Body.

  c) All Sunday School teachers and Spiritual Union teachers take an active part in their respective workshops programmed at their respective churches; and that all pastors appoint persons who are willing to study extensively so that they may intelligently convey informative data to the delegates of this convention. This will qualify those under their guidance to return to their respective churches and communicate intelligently to their students. This phase of the Sunday School and Spiritual Union Should be mandatory. A teachers meeting should be held in order to program unified instructions to our churches.

  d) There "has been a great deal of discussion concerning the'" wearing of uniforms". I would like to clarify my feelings in the wearing of the "white". We do not feel that it belittles you or does it take anything from your beauty in wearing a white uniform; it is a degree of togetherness and it was expressly designed for this purpose.

There are those who feel they cannot afford to participate in the activities of the church because of their inability to maintain the standards established by the "so-called" society. Many persons would go to church but their excuse is that they have nothing to wear.

This act of "togetherness" is done in love to depict the true picture of "oneness". There is no "top echelon" or bottom echelon" in the Christian society; we are one through the blood of Jesus Christ. Therefore, I recommend that the Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ, Inc., be known throughout the world by the "wearing of the white uniforms".

Prayerfully submitted,

Reverend Clarence H. Cobbs
National President


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