Archbishop Arthur Leonard Posey
International President Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ, Inc.


June 10, 1925 -  December 11, 2008

Resided In:   Detroit, Michigan
Transition:   Detroit, Michigan
Service Time:   Saturday
December 20, 2008
10:00 a.m.
Temple of Saint Jude Spiritual Church of Christ
8747 Fenkell Avenue
Detroit, Michigan
Cemetery:   Trinity Cemetery
5210 Mount Elliot Street
Detroit, Michigan


The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord. Job 1:21

Archbishop Arthur Leonard Posey was born June 10,1925 to Arthur L. Posey, Sr. and Neva Ellison both whom preceded him in death. He grew up in Champagne, IL and was educated in the Champagne Public Schools.

Archbishop Posey relocated to Detroit, Michigan during the 1940's where he would become a world renowned entertainer as well as worked for the McCord Company.

In 1950, he joined the Alpha and Omega Spiritual Church under the leadership of the late Zola M. Robinson where he served 14 years. Rev. Posey was licensed to preach in 1954 and ordained in July 1955 during the annual session of the Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ in Kansas City, Missouri. This Spiritual service was presided over by the late Rev. Clarence H. Cobb, President of the Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ.

On September 22, 1964, he invited a few friends to join him in a Sunday evening service in his home. While praying and meditating with the Spirit of God, the Lord spoke to him and said, "Stand on your own feet." Rev. Posey straightway returned to his former church home and requested his pastor to release him. She responded graciously. On October 4th at six in the evening, the first service was held in his home and 16 souls were added to the body of Christ. On October 16th the first business meeting was held and this ecclesiastical organization chose for its name the Temple of St. Jude. For 45 years, Archbishop Posey lead the many members of the Temple of St. Jude until his health began to fail when he appointed Rev. Larry Williams to take the helm and continue his vision for the church.

During the early 1970's, Rev. Posey was elected President of the Detroit Local Council of Churches, MSCC, the late Rev. Clarence H. Cobb appointed him to the Board of Dlrectors of MSCC where he later served as the Chairman of the Board.

In 1989, the President of MSCC, the late Dr. I. Logan Kearse after a long illness initiated the transfer of the Presidency to Rev. Arthur L. Posey. Rev. Posey was conferred a Doctorate of Divinity by the Inter Denominational School of Theology & Theism Bible College licensed by the state of Maryland where Dr. Jerome Scruggs was the Dean. In 1990, during a meeting of the Board of Directors held in Chicago, Illinois the Rev. Dr. Arthur L. Posey was approved and his installation was set for the next meeting of the Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ Incorporated which was to be held in Detroit, Michigan. In 1991, Rev. Dr. Posey was installed as President before three thousand delegates of the Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ at the Cobo Hall Convention Center in Detroit, Michigan

Between 1992 and 1994, the Congress of MSCC grew into a major convention with more than three thousand delegates in attendance in 1992 held in Atlanta, Georgia and over five thousand in attendance in 1993 when the convention was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 1994, the Board of Directors agreed to elevate Rev. Dr. Posey to the office of Bishop which made him the first to be elevated to this position since the founding Bishop the late Bishop Frank Taylor of Kansas City, Missouri.

In 1995 at the Mother Church of MSCC in Kansas City the convention witnessed the consecration of Rev. Dr. Arthur L. Posey as presiding Bishop of the Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ and then elevated to Archbishop, To God Be the Glory for the things He has done. From 1996 on the convention grew under Archbishop Posey's leadership.

Throughout his life he has touched the lives of many, providing Christian education, wisdom, understanding and loyalty to Christ. Archbishop volunteered and participated with many organizations; he was a life-time member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), member of the Human Resources Satellite Committee of the Detroit Committee of the Detroit Common Council, he spearheaded a Spiritual Retreat in Wellston, Michigan, he was a consultant for the Gospel Music Workshop of America and the Feed the Hungry Program in the community, he volunteered his services to Swanson Funeral Homes, he was a member of the Friends of Belle Isle Beautification Program, and he attended the Unification Meeting of the International World for Feed the Hungry.

Archbishop Posey has been characterized by some as meek but mighty, soft but sensitive, quiet but consistent, cautious but concerned. However, whatever has been your perception and/or opinion, the general consensus is that he was well versed, respected and acknowledged as a man true to the teaching of Christ and because of that many organizations showered him with tributes and salutes: Congress of the United States House of Representatives (1991); State of Michigan Congress Lansing, Michigan; Proclamation Office of the Mayor, Detroit, Michigan (1991); Outstanding Services Music Department, MSCC, Inc.; Rosa L. Gragg Educational Civic Club Award; Outstanding Services, Detroit Local Council of Ministers & Laymen; Great Seal of the State of Michigan Representative Hansen Clarke.

Archbishop Posey served the people of God faithfully and diligently until his health began to fail. On Thursday, December 11, 2008 at 6:00 p.m., the Lord spoke to him softly and said "My good and faithful servant, well done, your job is now finished, come unto me and rest." And Archbishop Posey did just as the Lord told him.

He leaves to cherish his memory cousins Louise Butler and Earnest Butler of Champagne, IL, Evelyn Smith and Trade Childress of Grand Rapids, MI, Maurice Fitzpatrick of Southfield, MI a host of God children, students, friends and most of all his beloved church family the Temple of St. Jude Spiritual Church of Christ.

The Pastor's Letter
My Dear Members and Friends of the Temple of St. Jude: I take this opportunity to thank each of you for your loyal support and prayers which have been given to me in our first year of existence. We have experienced many hardships we have shed tears of travail but joy has come in bountiful harvests. For the ensuing year, we are looking forward to a greater and more productive organization; He will give us the desires of our hearts. May God's unfailing Grace rest in your hearts.

Rev. Arthur L. Posey


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