Spiritual Colors

RED  is the color of Life force. It represents the blood of Christ. Red also indicates pure health and physical vigor; strength and attainment of life's ambitions and Spiritual progress.


BLUE is the color of devotion, mental poise and an indication of one's arrival at a higher plane in this life.


YELLOW  is the color of intellectual power and mental activity. It is the color of the Halo of the Angels and indicates their Spiritual power and activity. Yellow is the color of gold, and as gold is presumed to be the highest fOrm of metal, the color yellow represents the highest form of Spiritual power and attainment.


GREEN  is the color of Spiritual development. The color of growth on all planes. It represents the Spirit of all growing things. The growth of fulfillment, the fruit of the crop; the fruit of Life; and the fruit of wisdom. Green also indicates success prosperity; the reward for our seasons of toil, struggle and application. It is the color of our Earthly and Spiritual reward and faith.


ORANGE is the color that combines physical vitality and love. It also brings to us the Life force. Orange is masculine and is one of the best colors on which to meditate for pure spiritual attainment.


PURPLE is the Color of Royalty. "And they stripped Him. and put on Him a scarlet robe" (St. Matthew 27:28). It is the color that is highly esteemed by Spiritual Healers for it's healing power. This is the color that attracts all good and beneficent from the higher Spiritual planes. It is also the color of the deeper Spiritual understanding. This color penetrates to the very core of things.


Brown  is a vital color. It is compared with the Earth, which is the material source of the things that sustain us in our physical manifestation. It is also the color of humility; the desire to higher attainment; the transformation into a new life. Brown is symbolic of the magnetism that attracts us to others, that attracts others to us; the magnetism that is so necessary to us all.


PINK is the color of success and attainment. It also indicates the purity of intentions and honesty in one's aim. It is also the color of truth. Success is truth just as failure is error. Pink represents the vision of truth and success.


BLACK is the color that indicates our initiation into a higher plane. It represents a change from one state to another; the Alpha and Omega (the begining and the End). It is the end of one plane and the beginning of another. Black also represents power.


WHITE is the positive pole of all thought. It is also the color of over-coming as mentioned in Revelations 7:14. "These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their Robes, and made them white in the blood of the lamb." White also represents purity and faith in all things. It is the color that indicates the vibration of Spirit. White is the shade of the highest plane.


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