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Bishop Otto T. "Butch" Houston, Pastor

REV. Clarence H. "Preacher" Cobbs

May 8, 1929 may be just another date in histoiy for millions of people in the world; but there are countless others to whom this date has made a profound impact on their lives for it is the date that changed the whole course of history. A sixteen-year-old boy from Memphis who had come to Chicago to complete his education, was on a city bus and heard a voice telling him to found a church for all people and call it THE FIRST CHURCH OF DELIVERANCE.

It is only natural that his mother and grandmother should question him concerning such an unusual experience; it is understandable that his friends wondered if he had become mentally disturbed; it is even understandable that he might question himself in the midst of this strange but wonderful experience he encountered while riding a bus. The mystery of it all began to unravel as he went about his Father's business, preparing to erect a monument to God that would serve as a Spiritual fountain for all people. So it was with five people, great faith, deep conviction, obedience to Spiritual guidance and an undying love for God and man that the FIRST CHURCH OF DELIVERANCE was given birth.

It is strange but true that the FIRST CHURCH OF DELIVERANCE is blessed to possess the record of many "firsts" in many fields of endeavor. The first to wear white uniforms; the first to sing Gospel Music; the first to establish a record of longevity for radio ministry; the first to give a bloodbank to Provident Hospital; the first to establish food lines for the hungry; the first to appear on television; the first to hold a life membership in N.A.A.C.P.; the first to take Gospel Music in choral form to Europe; the first to erect a skilled care health facility; the first to establish "Day Care" for mothers with low-income; there are so many first things to our credit. All because of Our Teacher who has followed the plan of direction as given by the MASTER TEACHER.

This day and everyday we pay homage and express gratitude to God for His great gift of our Spiritual Teaching through the greatest, our teacher, Reverend Clarence H. Cobbs.

METROPOLITAN SPIRITUAL CHURCHES OF CHRIST, INCORPORATED was founded by Bishop William Taylor in Kansas City, Mo. Reverend Clarence H. Cobbs is our National President.

History taken from Youth Book, compiled by
Ms. Hermetta Williams and Rev. Eugene D. Gray

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