God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. John 4:24

Jesus is the Light of the World

Otto T. Houston, III was born October 7, 1943 to Vivian L. and Otto T. Houston, Jr., in Kansas City, Missouri. He is one of two children. His childhood and early years were spent in Kansas City, Missouri and Los Angeles, California.

Bishop William F. Taylor, founder of the Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ,Inc. (MSCC - a national parent body of the Spiritual Churches in America) prophesied his birth to his grandmother, Mrs. Mildred B. Houston around 1939, before his parents met. The prophecy from Bishop Taylor was that Reverend Houston would be a Blessed child.

Elder Leviticus Lee Boswell, co-founder of MSCC, then the Pastor of the Metropolitan Spiritual Church of Christ (the Mother church of the National Organization, MSCC), placed Reverend Houston on the Altar at the age of six.

Reverend William B. Hurse, then the Pastor of the Metropolitan Spiritual Church of Christ, instructed him, at the age of eleven, to come to church on Saturday mornings to learn how to care for the Altar, under Mrs. Jannie Jamison, Supervisor of the Altar Boys.

Reverend Henri Lawson, Pastor of Metropolitan Spiritual Church of Christ at this time, acknowledged that healing was present in his hands when he was fifteen years old.

In 1962, he founded the Altar Boys Workshop of MSCC, now known as the Acolytes Workshop, where he served as National President from its inception, until April 1996 (when he was elevated to the MSCC Board of Directors.) He is proud to have served all of the leaders of MSCC except Bishop William F. Taylor (due to his age.)

He has been a dedicated member of the Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ, Inc. (MSCC) for 59 years and continues to serve this organization as an Officer.

In 1968 he was invited by Reverend Clarence H. Cobbs, Mrs. Julia Mae Kennedy and Mr. Ralph Good Pasteur to move from Kansas City, Missouri to Chicago, Illinois.

Some of his Spiritual Demonstrations include:
On Sunday, October 5, 1975 on his way to work for the Chicago Transit Authority, standing, waiting for the Foster bus at Berwyn and Foster, he asked the Lord, if He wanted him to preach the Gospel. He looked on the ground and there laying in front of him was sheet music which read - "Go Ye Into All the World and preach the Gospel..."

In June 1983, at 1:11 p.m. a voice spoke to him and said "read St. Matthew 10:5 and readdown to the 11th verse,'' (This passage of scripture provides verification about preaching with instruction.)

On July 21, 1985, He was visited from the Spirit World by Reverend Clarence H. Cobbs, Reverend L. L. Boswell and Reverend Mother Pearl C. Woods, at which time he was given the color purple to work with.

In August, 1985, Reverend Cobbs returned and told him five (5) things:
1. Your next step up will be easy.
2. Don't argue with them.
3. Someone who owes the church money would pay it back slowly, but the church would not know it.
4. There is another building to be built with some add-ons.
5. Pastors to come will get away from what I have taught.

On Monday, October 14, 1985 at 3:00 am,the Lord awakened him and said "read the 91st Psalm, read it for ten days at 6:00 a.m.... , "This was for protection against the fatal illness AIDS, and to help those who have AIDS, cancer and all fatal illnesses.

In January 1986, the Lord spoke to him and said; "tell Reverend and Mrs. Levi Richards they are going co have a child." (The doctor had said Mrs. Richards could not have children.) Within a year, a son was born to them, his name Christopher Richards and he is now serving on the Altar of First Church of Deliverance.

In January 1996, Reverend Clarence H. Cobbs came to him in a dream and said he wanted him to do things in a "big way". He then said he would be back and he walked away.

On the night of January 24, 1996, the Lord Jesus told him in a dream that he would go through a little of Darkness, but that He would be with him.

While in Rome in August of 2002, the Lord revealed to him that Psalm 91:9, "a thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at the right hand, but it shall not come nigh thee." - The Lord said that I was covered from anything that would come to steal and take away or discredit my work in the ministry.

He was consecrated for the Ministry in June 1986 by Reverend Eugene D. Gray and received his license to preach in July. He was ordained as a Minister in July 1988.

In September 1968, at Metropolitan's Church Anniversary, a Prophet from Mother Nash's church (located in St. Louis, Missouri) told him that he would be a pastor of a large church, and that it would be very successful. It had been prophesied that Reverend Houston would become the Pastor of First Church of Deliverance. He first heard of the prophecy in his late teens and repeatedly thereafter, throughout the years to follow.

In 1994, he was selected as one of three Co-Pastors (commonly called "The Triarchy")of the First Church of Deliverance, and served until he was selected by an overwhelming majority of the members to become Pastor of the First Church of Deliverance on March 17, 1996.

On May 26,1996, Otto T. Houston was installed as the pastor of First Church of Deliverance.

During his tenure as Pastor, Bishop Houston has revitalized the church and made several improvements including:
Remodel the following:
  • The Ada S. McKinley/Maggie Drummond Day Care Center has new class rooms with security monitors, new pre-school furniture, new playground:
  • The Dining Room in the Community Center a.k.a. Bishop Houston's Fine Dining Room, which includes new stove, refrigerator, freezer, dining tables and chairs, food servers and warmers, and two television sets.
  • The Otto Max Theater (which can accommodate 45 people)
  • The Trustee Board meeting room
  • The Board of Directors meeting room
  • The Sunday School Classrooms on the third floor in the Community Center
  • Re-pavement of the parking lot next to the church
  • Complete rehab of the property donated by Sister Nina McGuire, located at 1437 East 71st Place
  • Made major improvements at 4302-04 by installing the wrought iron fence completely around the property
  • Installing security gates on the Church property
  • Installed new lighting and new pavement in the North Parking Lot, with a new wrought iron fence.
  • New state of the art organ with five new speakers
  • New drum set
  • New carpet on the altar, new crucifix and candelabras
  • New top of the line Carrier Heating and Air Conditioning System in the main sanctuary
  • Rewired the cross in the main sanctuary
  • Completely renovated the Children's Church and Choir Room.
  • New air conditioning units in the Bishop Otto T. Houston Fine Dining Room.

    Other visionary accomplishments of Bishop Houston

  • The church has no outstanding debts
  • Initiating the 7:00 pm Power Hour
  • Spiritual Get-A-Way (Choirs Anniversary), at Christ Universal Temple
  • Spreading our Wings - Founders Day Dinner - Sheraton Hotel
  • Establishing the Rev. Otto T. Houston^s Visionary Group
  • First Church of Deliverance Travel Committee
  • Trips to Hawaii, Cancun and Jamaica
  • Sit down communion
  • Male Chorus
  • June 24, 2ooi - Founder,s Day Ceremony ... entombment of Reverend Cobb's at Oak Woods Cemetery, which has become a major attraction for Oakwood Cemetery.
  • September 11, 2001, Pastor Houston was invited to return to Harvard University to become a part of a Steering Committee.
  • Mrs. Adretta Pitts, the daughter of Mother Pearl C. Wood, wife of the Reverend Phillip Pitts, pastor of The Triangular Church of Religious Science, Los Angeles, California and mother of Reverend Gregory Pitts, sent Pastor Houston the cuff links of Bishop William F. Taylor. The Pitts family has had these cuff links in their possession for over sixty years. Adretta told Reverend Houston that she was inspired to send them to him before she went to be with the Lord. Sister Ardetta made her transition September 4, 2002. On Sunday April 27, 2003, at his elevation service will be the first time Reverend Otto T. Houston, III will wear the cuff links. Whatever God has for you is for you ... hallelujah. Thank you Edretta, Mother Woods and Bishop William F. Taylor. To God be the glory for the good things He has done for us.
  • March 10, 2002 - Pastor Houston created the auxiliary group, the Armor Bearers. He appointed Samuel D. Smith as captain and Fredericka Wheat to serve as Assistant Captain.
  • August 4, 2002, Bishop Houston mandated that all members of the First Church of Deliverance transitory services at the church will be placed on the Altar and Communion will be given.

    Being a man of vision he recognized the need for the following Ministries:
  • HIV, Substance Abuse
  • Marriage (Solidarity)
  • Singles

    The Lord has given Bishop Houston one of his greatest visions, to replace the existing Community Center and renaming it the Rev. Clarence H. Cobbs,Maggie Drummond Community and Educational Center. This structure will be named the Deliverance Complex and will include the Day Care Center now under the direction of the Ada S. McKinley services, the Main Sanctuary and the Children's Church.

    On July 26, 2002, Archbishop A. Leonard Posey, International President of the Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ, Inc, appointed Reverend Houston Bishop. And now, as the prophecy begins to unfold and the Glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together - for the mouth of the Lord hach spoken it (Isaiah 40:5)

    "Beloved it doth not yet appear what we shall be but we know that, when he shall appear we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is." 1 John 3:2

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